This page will be devoted to a handful of small victories in my practice as a developer, since that's usually where the good bits are.

The Alien Syndrome Flamethrower

During testing of a remake of the 1987 arcade game "Alien Syndrome", it became clear that the flamethrower was entirely too powerful compared to other weapons.

Implementing the flamethrower in the first place was a challenge requiring several bools and checks due to its nature as a continuous-emission weapon rather than a straightforward shoot-bullet weapon, but it was obvious it still required some work.

Our solution was to add a "fuel limit" to the flamethrower, so that it could fire for five seconds before the player reverts to the standard gun. Despite the lateness of this addition, the flamethrower even got a GUI element indicating its remaining fuel!


The Rhythm Blaster System

In the first half of 2019, I had the pleasure of working with another programmer on an ambitious project: a virtual reality rhythm shooter. Internally, we would call this game "Beatsaber, but with guns".

My role in this project was the establishment of the systems that would drive the generation and movement of targets, according to an original score.

Over the course of this project, I took my first steps into editor scripting and defined two types in order to ease the process of inputting song information, and developed a system based around looping patterns of targets that dramatically reduced the amount of information that had to be manually given about a track.

If we had had the time necessary to refactor this system, I would have established patterns as discrete objects in their own right, rather than sections of a continuous whole. My only other regret is that due to the game being made for virtual reality, I was not able to include footage of it in my showreel.