Hello, world!

I am a programmer, composer, and occasional writer, having just completed a degree in game design with a focus on game development.

Though I am native to Unity3D (and thus C#), I pride myself on my ability to learn and adapt quickly to new tools and methods; the same is true of my musical work, for which my DAW of choice is FL Studio.

In working as part of two- to six-person teams at university, I have become familiar and comfortable with AGILE methodologies - in general I believe that frequent milestones and a fast pace of work produce the best outcomes.

When writing code, especially unfamiliar code, I have come to favour planning, evaluating what my code needs to do and devising pseudocode before implementation.

Musically, I like to work closely with other elements of a team in order to capture the aesthetic and thematic essence of the project at hand. I am versatile, and can compose for anything from a single synthesiser keyboard to an orchestra.